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Medical Device and Dental Industry

Manufacturing for Medical Device and Dental
Hord supplies parts to many of the leading medical device manufacturers. we use our expertise to develop superior parts that help our customers save money, increase their production capacities and experience a fast return on their investment.  Many medical products and equipment companies, as well as the dental companies depend on our production capabilities, such as high-tech CNC machining processes, and advanced medical injection molding for rapid prototyping, product testing, custom tooling, and custom design manufacturing.
The manufactured parts of medical devices have superior strength, stiffness and light weight, which are the basic characteristics of today's medical devices.Our engineers understand the complexity of the medical industry and will work with you to meet strict regulatory standards.
Services for Medical Device and Dental Industry
Medical Device and Dental Industry
Medical delivery systems
Medical testing devices
Prosthetic devices
UV sanitation robots
Surgical robotics
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Once the order is confirmed, we will provide a design for manufacturing analysis report and review all tolerances and cosmetic specification etc, the engineer will point out any issues that may affect the quality of your parts.
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After DFM approval, we will start production. During the manufacturing process, our project engineer will double check the parts in terms of size, tolerance, and appearance. Making sure that the parts meet your expectations.
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Parts will be delivered after the quality inspection.
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