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Manufacturing Process: Rapid Prototype Tooling
Insert Material: Hard Aluminum QC-10
Part size:95.9 x 42.6 x14.9 mm
Tooling Size: 350 Wx400 Lx400 H (mm)
Cavity: 1 (right)+1 (left)
Lead time: 7 days
Hord Standard MUD Moldbase

Rapid prototype tooling is a kind of fast turnaround and economical tooling which makes with high-speed and accuracy processing equipment, simplifed and reliable tooling design options and effective processing procedures.It is manufactured in a very short lead time, and meets the part specification of design in precision and quality

Over the past decade, the technical team of Hord has been committed to the research, design and production of prototype tooling, constantly summarizing experience, and created a set of special standards for prototype tooling production, so as to achieve the balance of quality, speed and cost, bring maximum benefits to customers, reduce costs to the greatest extent, and achieve win-win with customers.

This part we used Hord Shared standard moldbase which can ensure their exchange and reuse, reduce the lead time and cost of tooling. Moldbase of traditional tooling needs to be ordered from the mold base supplier. The delivery cycle is 3-10 days. The mold base cost is high. Especially in recent years, the steel price has been rising, resulting in a 30% increase in the mold price.

The characteristics of Rapid prototype tooling in Hord:

1. Tooling components shall be standardized to the maximum extent. People who have experience in tooling manufacturing are very clear.However, because traditional toolings are custom ordered facilities, so cavity & core inserts, sliders, lifters,ejector plate etc are unique, which are most of the toolings cost. In order to save the cost for the customer as much as possible, in recent years, Hord has gradually included the standard range of slider and lifters, to shorten lead time and save cost of tooling for customer.

2. After fully understanding part specification and customers' expectations for tooling life and sample delivery time, Hord technical team will provide a professional and economical solution within 24 hours.

3. Base on the prototype tooling required from product research and development stage, so it’s hard to avoid any engineering change after samples run. All prototype tooling made by Hord are to make change, but there are some cost happened that customer need to charge if it’s from customer’s reason.

4. Prototype tooling life in Hord is generally 500-50,00 times. If tooling steel is P20 or NAK80, the tooling life could be up to 50,000. We will confirm with customer during quoting which is best for customer.

5. Lead time of prototype tooling is usually 1-2 weeks. For complex or large size, it takes longer, but not longer than 4 weeks.

6. Prototype tooling almost use shared moldbase, the price did not include shared moldbase in tooling price, so shared moldbase is RMT's property. However,cavity and core insert, slider core or lifters were ordered by customer. After the customer pays off, all belong to the customer's property. If the customer requests to remove the mold, Hord will need to charge additional cost for standalone moldbase and other shared components.

7. The free storage time of prototype tooling in Hord is two years. If there is no any molding order after two years, the tooling shall be scrapped after confirmation with the customer, otherwise the customer agrees to pay for the maintenance and storage.

8. All the Rapid prototype tooling before go ahead making, a professional detail DFM report will be provided to customer to confirm, like the parting line, the gate location and size,ejector location, draft, wall thickness, critical tolerance etc. that will reduce the risk of defect or mistake.

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