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Automotive Industry

Manufacturing for Automotive Products Development
With the rapid development of automotive industry, in recent years, 70% auto components around the world are imported from China. Hord has rich experience in manufacturing auto parts and is the first-class supplier of famous new energy vehicle company and parts companies of the world. With good quality and fast delivery, we have been trusted and loved by our customers.
As we all know, a car has over 10000 components, which need to be produced through different processes. Here, Hord provide a variety of services for manufacturing the auto parts, and keep to the requirements of quality control strictly.
Services for Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry
Utility vehicles
Electric vehicles
Commercial vehicles
Infotainment systems
Electric bikes and scooters
Utonomous vehicle sensors
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Upload the 2D/3D files and more details of the project to us, then our team will provide you with an accurate quotation once receiving the completed information.
Confirm Puchasing Order
Once the order is confirmed, we will provide a design for manufacturing analysis report and review all tolerances and cosmetic specification etc, the engineer will point out any issues that may affect the quality of your parts.
Star Production
After DFM approval, we will start production. During the manufacturing process, our project engineer will double check the parts in terms of size, tolerance, and appearance. Making sure that the parts meet your expectations.
Delivery Goods
Parts will be delivered after the quality inspection.
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