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Aerospace Industry
Manufacturing for Aerospace Components
The aerospace industry has extremely requirements for the components,which need to meet precise specifications and the highest standards of reliability and quality. Through the combination of technology and internal engineering and manufacturing expertise, we can produce and delivery high-quality products and components for our customers, meeting and exceeding their requirements.
In Hord, we use a various of different process to make aerospace products, including cnc machining, plastic injection molding, sheet metal, die casting and aluminum extrusion. The unique processes and equipment ensure quality, control, and performance for the most demanding jobs, including lightweight, high-temperature, low-temperature, and high-corrosion applications.

Services for Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry
Space technology
Defense systems
Commercial aviation
Drone delivery systems
Unmanned aerial systems
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Once the order is confirmed, we will provide a design for manufacturing analysis report and review all tolerances and cosmetic specification etc, the engineer will point out any issues that may affect the quality of your parts.
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After DFM approval, we will start production. During the manufacturing process, our project engineer will double check the parts in terms of size, tolerance, and appearance. Making sure that the parts meet your expectations.
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Parts will be delivered after the quality inspection.
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