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How HordRT Saves Time and Costs with Rapid Tooling


HorRT is a manufacturing service enterprise that focuses on providing rapid verification and small and medium-volume production for newly R&D products through rapid tooling. After 11 years of rapid and solid development, HordRT has formed extreme standardization of molds, significant savings and reliable quality, which has won the recognition and favour of engineers from many European and American companies.

What is Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is through the extreme standardization of mold bases, runner system, side slider, and the simplification of the process, as well as the online inspection and other initiatives to save time and cost in the long-term research and validation, and continuous improvement,  while ensuring that customers quality requirements.

At present, HordRT has thousands of sets of shared mold bases, and more than 80% new R&D products by clients can basically take advantages of these shared mold bases. Only need to make mold core, support plate, ejector plate and other small parts to complete the mold to produce products, which can at least save more than 50% of the time and over 30% cost of the mold.

The Quality and Durability of HordRT’s Rapid Tooling

Traditionally, rapid tooling is thought to only produce some prototypes with significant differences in precision, quality, and performance compared to the traditional production mold. In fact, the quality of mold manufactured by HordRT is almost the same as the traditional production mold, achieving over 95% in terms of quality, precision, and stability. The main difference lies in the tooling life, as the rapid tooling uses pre-hardened steel for ease of engineering changes during the development stage and cost savings, rather than the fully hardened steel commonly used in production molds. However, the standard lifespan of rapid tooling manufactured by HordRT is 50,000 cycles, with some reaching 200,000 to 300,000 cycles after surface hardening treatments.

In order to ensure the quality of customer products, our process is to conduct a full manufacturing feasibility analysis DFM (including mold flow analysis), and then online inspection of various dimensions of the mold core during the CNC process, such as parting surface processing accuracy, product-related key dimensions, as well as the importance dimensions of positioning control accuracy, etc., ensuring that the accuracy of the mold is guaranteed during the rapid production process to reduce the possibility of repeated mold repairs. All kinds of rapid tests will be done when the mold is asssembled, such as the water leakage test, ejector pin movement stability test, etc. In order to save mold installation time during the mold testing process, all injection molding machines are equipped with magnetic templates to ensure that the mold can be installed and fixed in 3~5 minutes, which facilities rapid loading and unloading of the mold and reduces the waste of time; In addition, in order to ensure the quality and stability of products, each tonnage of injection molding machine is equipped with screws and barrels corresponding to the production of different materials, which can be changed quickly with an hour.

Quality is always an indispensable pursuit for customers. To ensure the quality of products, we are equipped with the appropriate testing equipment, such as blue light scanning, CMM (coordinate measuring machines), two-dimensional, spectrometer and so on. We can provide the complete quality testing report to customers before shipment, ensuring that the delivered products meet the requirements on customer drawings.

The Future of Mold Manufacturing

After over 11 years of development, we believe that rapid tooling will be a major development trend in the mold manufacturing industry, which can greatly shorten the R&D cycle for customers, reduce the cost of molds for product development, and facilitating the conditions for engineering changes. Customers who have tried to understand and collaborate with us can truly understand its value and significance. 

HordRT is ready to provide our design for manufacturing support when you contact us for a free quotation and project review today.

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