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Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is an effective process of low volume prototypes,

it uses 3D printed patterns or CNC machining master, after make some post treatment for master pattern, and then fast curing silicone molds, finally cut silicone mold to two pieces and pick out the master pattern. Repeat like this cycle, it can be created 15-20 shots with silicone mold. The advantages are fast and flexible for complicated shape parts, do not like injection tooling need a slider or lifter for undercut, it can be de-molded with pulling the silicone mold.

That’s a bridge from 3D printing to our metal rapid tooling for complicated parts.

There are some strategic partners working with us on urethane casting. It can be 5-7 days.

But generally, if it’s not necessary, we do not suggest to using this process except we can’t make parts from aluminum prototype toolings. Our aluminum prototype toolings also can be controlled in 5-10 days.

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