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Rapid Production Tooling

Except our core business rapid production tooling. we also provide high volume production tooling or export tooling to customer.

Generally we need to know all specification before exact quoting, for production tooling, the factors of cost is precision, tooling life, and mold component standard etc. For production tooling, almost need full hardened steel, so the machining time is much longer and more difficult, the lead time will be much longer than our rapid tooling and bridge tooling.

Typically 4-8 weeks, it depends on part geometry and size. on part geometry and size.

Access on Professional Rapid Production Tools at a Friendly Platform

When you are expecting rapid production tools for various industries, hire a professional company to grab first applications. In terms of various applications some tools are necessary for grabbing more features in it. Of course, our Hord Rapid Production Tools could do the best solution, and it includes high volume results in export needs. We could focus on the most beautiful campaigns with the right thing and supports to consider business at Rapid Production Tooling. It includes bridge tooling, which provides high volume. Moreover, it is delivering tools and supportive for hardened steel and machining time for more options. It considers lead time, and it will be much longer to provide rapid and bridge tooling.

Growth in many industries

Furthermore, it focuses on the part geometry and size includes rapid tooling. For productions, it includes full hardened steel that belongs to longer and more. It belongs to consider rapid for accessing on factors. It quickly depends on the part of geometry and size. It should overcome hassles and variety of solutions includes so far for volume projects. Our rapid production technology gives to consider with streamlining the overall tool making the process. It usually finds an innovative approach for accessing on limitations. It generally provides an excellent solution and component for standard solutions. It is expecting to deliver reliable and cost is precisions on life.

Metal laser machining option

It checks based on the timeline for managing on Rapid Production Tooling and both options have proven to increase logistics. It delivers both options to have shown results in rising logistics costs and transport times. Customers have to grab various timelines on accessing with high-end results. Grab only high-quality results and additives to make use of manufacturing of direct metal laser with machining option. We mainly focus on an innovative approach to grab more timeline for every project.

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