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Pressure Die Casting

Hord also provide Rapid Pressure Die Casting service for our customer with rapid tooling.

For some aluminum or zinc part, if the quantity is up to 100 or more, and complicated geometry without critical cosmetic requirement. The comprehensive cost of pressure die casting is lower than CNC machining, and then we recommend this process to customer. It’s easy to make engineering change with a little cost, after tooling finished. It will save a lot of cost for customer to repeat order more parts after tooling.

Because of recent years critical environmental protection rule in China, we did not invest pressure die casting machine in house, we always make the die casting tooling in house and move to our partners to run out the parts. For pressure die casting parts, generally there are some post machining and surface treatment required, like hole drilling, tapping, polishing, surface finishing (anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis, chrome plating). We can provide one stop service.

Our rapid tooling life can be 5000-10,000 shots. ADC 12 is recommended aluminum material as general, of course ADC 10, and A380, A360 also will be available, however the cost will be higher. The typical lead time of tooling is about 2-3 weeks. It depend on the part geometry and size etc.

Access Complete Rapid Pressure Die Casting Service Form Hord Rapidtools Company

Hord Rapidtools® is certified company to bring out endless rapid tool withal modern features and as result lot of industries get benefited and increase production and also save lot of time. Our company has filled number of the technical engineer to design and manufacture machine with special features to meet all need of business people and also industries. This company has ability to complete task much faster so customer can feel free to hire and order brand tools to run business in winning manner. On the other hand our company is experts in handling rapid pressure die casting solution with effective tooling. We have fast manufacturing in part of rapid tooling for past 10 years that assure to collect brand tool at low price in the market.

When the cost of rapid pressure die casting getting much lower, then you have use CNC machine which are recommend this process to consumer. It is simple and straight forward to make great change with help of little cost, when the tooling is complete finished. As result it saves lot of cost for customer to repeat to access more parts without any risk of it. Our company is not investing die casting machine but it always make casting tool in house. Most of the pressure casting spare parts is commonly post machine and also surface testament such a tapping, surface finishing, and other chrome plating. This tool life time will be 5000- 10000 shots but it recommend to have ADC 12 for alumina material. In order to get tooling , our company required to have more than 2 to 3 weeks but it may have chance to complete before according the size varies. Therefore, you can go with Rapid Pressure Die Casting service from our company and meet lot of benefits.

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