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Plastic Injection Molding

Rapid Injection molding production is one of most important business in Hord.

Our advantage is fast, no limit of minimum order quantity (MOQ), high level quality controlling, real material guaranteed. So far, there is 14 top quality injection machines in Chinese Brand from 90 to 470 tons, 2 shifts per day. Generally we can provide thousands of parts in 5 days if there is stock material after we receive customer’s order.

All our injection molding materials is from the manufacturers or their authorized agents, for each material, we can provide certificate with a lot number. That will avoid any potential problem from material source. Generally if there is not especial specification on material, we suggest customer use our recommended stock material that will be faster and more cost-effective.

There is extra advantage on over-molding in Hord, it does include soft material over mold on solid material, solid material on metal insert, two both solid material etc. We did a lot of precision and complicated metal insert over molding parts to famous automotive companies in the past several years.

Rapid Injection molding generation is one of the most significant businesses in Hord. Planning plastic parts that can be molded has dependably been significant for conventional injection molding forms; however, it's especially advantageous for parts going to be RIM - rapid injection molded to guarantee speed and quality stay steady during assembling. Our favorable position is quick, no restriction of least request amount, abnormal state quality controlling, genuine material ensured. Edge will oblige side-activity and hand-load embeds, just as basic over-molding and supplements molding. All our injection molding materials are from the producers or their approved operators, for every material, we can furnish testament with a significant number.

Major features:

Specific utilization of electrical release machining can improve mold highlights. That will keep away from any potential issue from the material source. With Rapid Injection Molding, CAD models are sent straightforwardly to the generation floor where mold processing starts. By and large, if there isn't particular detail on material, we propose client utilize our prescribed stock material that will be quicker. Also, a few surface completion choices are accessible. Ideal for models, this procedure is additionally a brilliant short run or scaffold co-creation strategy, since these molds can deliver a great many parts.

Advanced impacts:

The majority of this gives Rapid Injection molding a chance to make parts in half a month instead of the months required for conventional injection molding techniques. There is additional favorable position on over-molding in Hord, it includes delicate material over mold on a strong material, strong material on the metal supplement, two both strong material and so on. Much of the time, molds are manufactured from aluminum, not steel. We completed a ton of accuracy and convoluted metal addition overmolding parts to well-known car organizations in the previous quite a while. This takes into account quicker and more practical tooling contrasted with customary steel molds.

If there is any further detail issue, please send email to us to discuss.

Rapid Injection Molding

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