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Bridge Tooling

Rapid bridge tooling is a fast, cost-effective way to achieve low to middle volume production parts.

The part quality can be guaranteed. Our bridge tooling always use our MUD mold base system, so tooling cost generally is 30-50% lower than tradition production tooling, it’s especial suitable for those project without high volume production requirement, generally tooling life is 50,000-100,000 shots with our bridge tooling.

Everyone knows as bridge tooling is otherwise called rapid or expansion tooling. It defines every phase in the development procedure where there are some requirements for the moulded parts but the manufacturing tooling facility is unavailable. Rapid Bridge Tooling creates a bridge between the production as well as prototyping. With specialized features, it appears as an affordable and quick method for achieving better volume production parts. 

If you look for your strategic trusted partner, you can simply approach us. We are the team of skilled professionals who are having several years of experience in rapid bridge tooling. Apart from that, we can focus on extremely fast manufacturing to deliver the best possible results. 

Our specialties

We can understand the importance of time, so we can complete this process within a few days. Most significantly, we can ship to anywhere in this world. It will ensure that our customers will receive the products on time. The minimal lead time helps our customers to save their precious money on the manufacturing process. Consequently, you can save more on the rapid bridge tooling process. We at Hord Rapidtools are already ready to bring the chance to cooperate. Most significantly, we can guarantee the part quality. 

Benefits of Rapid Bridge Tooling

Rapid Bridge Tooling is ideal for the projects which are not having increased level of manufacturing needs. We offer the tooling of roughly about 50,000-100,000 shots by using the bridge tooling. We only utilize the superior quality material for bridge tooling. It includes NAK80 or P20. When it comes to steel, it is the highly preferred and widely used material well-known for its exclusive features. The main reason to use this tooling material is that it helps to achieve better glossy surface finishing. We can control the lead time within 2 to 3 weeks which is entirely based on the size and part geometry. Bridge tooling material is P20 or NAK80 etc. steel, that can be achieve high glossy surface finishing. Lead time can be controlled within 1.5-3 weeks, that depend on the part geometry and size.

Advantages of Bridge Tooling
Cost-Efficient Bridge Tooling is most cost efficient way to 
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