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Plastic & Aluminum Extrusion

In past 3 years, more and more customer asked us to help them on aluminum or plastic extrusion prototype, so we developed some suppliers and built a long term relationship with them on extrusion prototype making and low volume production.

Generally aluminum 6063 recommended for aluminum extrusion part, that’s economical and easy to control quality material. Except extrusion part run, we also can provide post machining, surface finishing (sand blasting, powder coating, anodizing) etc. The typical lead time is 2-3 weeks to run out samples.

Plastic extrusion service also can be provided, the most popular resin is PVC for plastic extrusion, however PC, PMMA, ABS, PP also be available for some project if the customer required, the cost will be a little higher than normal PVC. Surface fishing can be glossy or matte. Lead time can be 2-3 weeks to finish tooling and run out samples.

Aluminum Extrusion Services And Their Uses

Extrusion is the task of transforming the alloy quickly like aluminium into different objects by using precise cross-sectional profile. They play a vital role in different places.  It is vital to know that this extrusion procedure makes many of the aluminum’s exclusive blends of various unique features.

The flexibility of aluminium let it to quickly be cast as well as machined. In addition, it has a decent amount of rigidity and thickness of steel.  It will ensure that every resulting product provides stability and strength. It is possible when it is alloyed with any other metals. If you want to achieve Aluminum Extrusion, you can hire us.

Enjoy better lead time

We are expert professionals who can develop lots of suppliers as well as form a durable relationship with them friendly on both minimal volume production and also extrusion prototype making. We recommend the right solution for Aluminum Extrusion. It can be considered as easy to control, economical and quality material.

Except for the extrusion portion run, our team can offer surface finishing, post machining and much more. The standard lead time of our service is roughly about 14 to 21 days for running out the samples. Most significantly, we are well-equipped with all the mandatory facilities and machinery to bring better satisfaction to the customers.

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