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Rapid tooling with Shared Mold Base will be the Future!
Dec 25 , 2019 | Views: 90
In the recent 10 years, rapid tooling is used more and more in the different field, like automotive, medical, electronics etc. because of there are significant advantages as below. 1. Much shorter lead...read more
Quick Comparison CNC vs 3D Printing
Aug 02 , 2019 | Views: 359
Definition CNC milling machines take a block of solid material (e.g. aluminum or wood) and use sharp rotating tools or cutters to remove all parts that are not needed. So: Milling is a subtractive method –...read more
How work procedure happens in Hord?
Jul 26 , 2019 | Views: 473
Our core business are rapid tooling and low volume productions. Generally we use P20 soft steel and hard Aluminum 7075 or QC-10 to make injection rapid tooling, it's easier to make modification afterward. ...read more
Benefits of Metal Rapid Tooling for new products development
May 19 , 2019 | Views: 660
During new product development, prototypes are required for checking the shape and assembly etc. At this initial stage, 3D printing is generally enough for prototype. But if a lot of mechanical and performance testings are...read more
Rapid Tooling Standards & Classifications
May 15 , 2019 | Views: 448
Rapid Tooling Standards & Classifications   Molders and Moldmakers can build a mold in a wide variety of ways - ranging from the quick & economical prototype mold to the super high quality, long...read more
How to control tolerances on rapid tooling
May 10 , 2019 | Views: 314
Hord Rapidtools have made rapid toolings from 2013, there is a rich experience to control tolerance at the same time to guarantee the short lead time. How to control the tolerance? We think there are some factors need to...read more
Mission & Vision of  the New Year 2019
Jan 01 , 2019 | Views: 656
We worked hard through 2018 and walked in the new year 2019. 2018 is big year for Hord Rapidtools with a lot of growth and improvement. -There is big growth on sales than 2017. -We are building a more...read more
Benefit of MUD system in Hord
Aug 17 , 2018 | Views: 741
What’s the MUD system? That’s a series standard moldbase includes a wide size range, different mold structure. In Hord, there is hundreds of available standard moldbase, and more and more mold bases are preparing. It not...read more
Low volume production in China
Aug 17 , 2018 | Views: 533
We focus on rapid tooling and low volume production about 10+ years, and all most customers are from western country. So the quality level is much higher than small local chinese workshop, we have a series of...read more
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