Rapid Pressure Die Casting

When the quantity of Aluminum or Zinc part need up to 100 or more, Pressure Die Casting should be the most economy and efficient way.


Hord Rapidtools can make Rapid Die Casting tools within 1.5-2.5 weeks, the tool life can be up to 5000 shots. Rapid Die Casting tooling cost should be 50% or less than general production pressure die casting tools.

Pressure Die Casting part price almost much less than CNC machining part, So when you need 100 pcs or more, it can save a lot of money for customer.


There are some limited for the material of die casting, almost we suggest customer to use ADC 12 or ADC 10 and A380 (Aluminum); Zamak 3 or Zamak 5 (Zinc) For other die casting material, it can be available sometime, but there is MOQ required, like 2 tons or 3 tons. Also, for die casting part, it is very difficult to achieve so beautiful surface finishing like as CNC machining part because the material reason.

So for those comestic part, it was not suggested to us pressure die casting, but it’s very good for engineering part inner to replace steel or iron etc.


Surface finishing Anodizing, Powder Coating, Electrophoresis can be available for die casting part.

We recommand enough radius on the corner on die casting part design, that will make the tooling life longer and easy to run, that mean it can save a lot of time and money with good part design. For the detail issue, we can give feedback with your detail RFQ.