Rapid Tooling Making


Rapid Tooling mean the toolings made with very fast way in limit life.

There is a lot of benefit for customers, save time and cost, no material limited to match design, much better quality than traditional prototype process ( 3D print, Urethane casting etc.), it can be grained or high polished as expected surface finishing, no any color limited.etc.

It’s very suitable for new product development or some product without huge volume required (+ 200k cycles); even some product with complicated undercuts can be achieved with some special method.

In HordRT, we are very good on overmolding product making, like metal-plastic, solid plastic-elastomer, plastic-plastic etc.

HordRT can make almost rapid toolings within 2 weeks, some open-close simple tooling can be finished with 3 days. There are hundreds of shared mold bases, Master United Die (MUD) system, in our warehouse. In western competitive, maybe they can work out very simple tooling with 3-5 days, but it will be much longer time for those tooling with sliders or lifters. But in HordRT, there is no limited for this.

After you visit our factory, you will understand why we are so fast on rapid tooling and low volume production.There are lot of fast precision machines for tooling making and a very strong technical team to support 24 hours per 6 days.

There is about 10 years for our team to provide rapid tooling and low volume production to worldwide customer, some are very famous automotive companies.

If you would like to know more, please email us directly, we will give you more detail information or answer your question directly.


Rapid Tooling Making