Rapid CNC Machining

Hord Rapidtools provides rapid CNC machining service, especially for those big size (1.5 x0.8×0.6 meters) part, or precision complicated part, we can finish and ship it out with very short lead time.


The following are available materials, otherwise, we need to confirm according to customer’s detail specification.

Aluminum Alloy: 6061, 7075, 2024,5052,etc.

Stainless steel: 302,303, 4041 etc.

Steel: S50C (1050), CRS, P20 etc.

Plastic: PMMA, PC, ABS, Nylon,PP,PEI, PEEK etc.


The benefit of CNC machining part:

precision, enough strength with proper material

no quantity limited, can be 1 or 1000 pcs.

Fast, 3-10 days according to the shape and post treatment.


For all metal materials, we can inspect the composition to make sure it’s exact real material. On CNC machining parts, we can provide full dimensions measurement report to make sure it can match all requirement customer expected before shipment.


We suggest to design enough big radius on corners of part to reduce machining time and cost. For future issue, we will provide detail analysis when we receive the detail information of RFQ.

Rapid CNC Machining