Why Choose Us

Quick Turnaround

We are specialized in rapid tooling and low volume production many years. Quick turnaround is our most important competitiveness. How we can achieve “Quick Turnaround”?

1. We have a series of rapid tooling design standard, make sure we are going to use the fastest and simplest way to build the tooling.

2. 60-80% spared standard components application on tooling, include mold base, slider and lifter block etc.

3. There are enough machines to go ahead once we get the order, no any queueing or waiting.

4. 2 shifts for almost workshop run 24 hour per day (6 days/week) without interruption.

5. All core technicians or managers are shareholder of this company. Passion of working for themselves never decline.

All aluminum prototype tools can be finished within 10 days, if simple and small size, 3-5 days is typical. (Tooling life will be less 5000 shots)

P20 or Hard Aluminum Bridge Tools generally will not be longer than 2.5 weeks. Tooling life can be up to 50k-100k shots.